Among varied other things, I am a photographer living in Dahlonega, GA. USA.

I was born in London, England, and worked for many years as a musician on cruise ships. I think this is where my love of photography blossomed. I got to photograph the many interesting places I visited. Back in those days, I would shoot with slide film, and develop the shots in my cabin. Ah, I miss the smell of those chemicals!

At the turn of the century (yes, THIS century), a dear person bought me my first DSLR—a Nikon D70s. Going digital really opened things up for me, and I produced many memorable shots with that terrific camera.

I really think that photographers are living in a charmed time right now, with the progress that is being made with digital imaging. The great thing is that, no matter how good (or bad) your equipment is, there is still no substitute for having (and developing) that eye. That's what keeps me—and I'm sure most others—coming back for more; searching for those elusive "decisive moments".

Being a keen motorcyclist, and living in the North Georgia mountains, I get to combine my two passions. Most times, when I'm out shooting, it's on two wheels. It's the perfect combination.